When we work with you we will regularly ask you what you really want, so that we can build that into our service. By listening to our clients like this we have developed a way of doing business that focuses on what they really want.

For now, though, some of the things we already do – and which you will also automatically benefit from as part of your fixed fee package – include :

  • 101 ways to make more profits – As a client you’ll receive this book written by a former UK Entrepreneur of the Year as a Welcome Gift.
  • Free access to our library of business aids – As a client you’ll have free access to our library of leading edge business aids including, Business Breakthroughs – an 80 minute audio tape by Sir John Harvey – Jones, an interactive time management programme and a video of Michael Gerber ( which every one in business should watch) presenting the 7 point plan for growing your business.
  • Plain English – To make it even easier for you to profit from our advice we have banned jargon and are committed to only using plain English.
  • Pro-Activity from around the world – Every other month our Pro-Activity team will scour the business pages, business magazines and latest business books, go to courses and surf the Internet specifically to identify ideas to help your business become even more profitable and successful. And, of course, whenever we find those sort of powerful ideas, we will proactively share them with you completely free of charge.
  • News and Views – Every quarter we produce a newsletter updating you on relevant tax, accounting and business issues so that you are up to date.
  • Free advice for your employees and family – Every single one of your employees and family members will be entitled to a free consultation, worth up to €150 , to help them sort out their tax or accounting problems.
  • A TaxAbility review – To make sure you don’t pay the Taxman more than his fair share of what you have earned.
  • Your personal Signpost – Whenever you need advice, guidance or support, one call is all it takes – since, if we can’t help, our free SignPosting service will put you in touch with other experts who can.