Franchise Development Services

Franchise Development Services

What we will do for you?

Franchising can provide a very effective opportunity for growth for certain businesses, reducing the need for high capital investment and easing the difficulties associated with managing a business from a distance. The key requirements are that the business owner is ambitious and the business is profitable and replicable.

    WE CAN

  • Evaluate your business and advise on how franchising can add value
  • Recommend appropriate franchise fee structure
  • Advise on allocation of franchise territories
  • Develop comprehensive Franchise Operating Manual
  • Design promotional literature and web content
  • Develop advertising and franchisee recruitment programme
  • Design initial and ongoing training programme
  • Develop performance management programme
  • Recommend key points to be addressed in legal contract
  • And support you every step of the way!
Why not ask us to evaluate the opportunities that franchise offers your business today? Why not take advantage of our experience and expertise in what we know so that you can concentrate on what you do best?

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