Business Services

Business Services

Most of our clients are family owned small or medium sized businesses – just like ourselves – we will take care of all things you want your accountant to deal with and leave you the time to run your business. However, we go further than that and help our clients to be more successful and profitable – whatever that means to them.

Accounting and book keeping

Whether you are using the latest Cloud accounting systems or the “shoe box” you need your accounts to be up to date and accurate.  Accounting is not just about preparing accounts.  It is about using the information to help you run your business.  However big or small your business is, you can outsource everything, do some of the work yourself or use us to interpret and analyse what you have prepared, we are here to help.  Read more…


One way to keep your staff happy is to make sure they are paid on time.  Using our payroll outsourcing services you will be assured that all aspects of payroll compliance are dealt with on time.  Read more…


Many clients find VAT compliance to be complicated and onerous.  Out outsourcing service will mean that your returns are done not only on time but with the benefit of our knowledge and experience of the VAT regulations.  Read more…

Financial statements

All businesses are required to prepare annual financial statements.  The requirements for limited companies are more onerous and the accounts must be in accordance with the Companies Acts and make an annual return to the Companies Registration office.  You can rely on our vast experience of dealing with these requirements to ensure your company accounts are always filed on time.

Sole trader

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Limited company – audit exempt

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Limited company – Audit Required

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Our job is to ensure you only pay your fair share of tax as a limited company, sole trader or a partnership.  You will always be aware of the filing deadlines and be advised of your tax liabilities well in advance.

Every business will be subject to a Revenue Audit at some stage.  They are an unwelcome reality of business life.  You may need help in preparing for the day, dealing with queries raised and responding to findings.  Our professional staff have wide experience dealing with all aspects of Revenue Inquiries and will help you navigate the process as required.  Read more…

Business start ups

Starting up a new business is an exciting time.  You will need to consider what legal structure to adopt – sole trader, partnership or a limited company.  Having dealt with this many times, our advice and assistance will be invaluable in getting you set up correctly, running smoothly and avoiding the pitfalls.  Read more…

Business Advisory Services

Running a business is a journey and it is important to consider what your goals and aims are.  Many business people spend all their time working in the business and very little working on the business.  One question we will pose is what will your business look like when it is finished?  Read more…

To grow the business you want we can help you with:

  • Business plans and strategy
  • Financial planning, projections, cash flow and management information
  • Finance
  • Tax planning
  • Business valuation
  • Exit and succession planning

We have an arsenal of tools to help you.  You will find 6 examples in the Business Planning Tools section.  Have a look at these yourself – they are free to use – and if you need any help, please contact us.


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