Sole Trader

What we will do for you

Basic package – Compliance only services

    We Will

  • Service Level Guarantee in relation to all services provided
  • Preparation of information on a monthly basis for the purposes of preparing VAT returns.
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly (relevant) VAT returns
  • Preparation of annual return of trading details for VAT.
  • Preparation of trial balance and preparation of bank reconciliation, creditors control accounts, debtors control accounts, tax control accounts based on books and records provided by you.
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements based on the trial balance prepared.
  • Preparation of Corporation tax computation based on agreed financial statements.
  • Preparation of and submission directors annual Personal Income Tax Return (Form 11).
  • Annual accounts review meeting.
  • Preparation of Annual Tax Saving Opportunity Report identifying possible tax saving initiatives for you in your business.
What we will do for you?

    Getting your accounts into the 21st Century

    All of the above plus
  • Establishment of an integrated online accounting service that provides you with real time accounts and with reports and information available on your desktop or on your phone.
  • Preparation of Annual Business Opportunity Report identifying possible opportunities for you to improve your business and improve your profitability.
  • Real time monthly bank reconciliations preparations/reviews.
  • Monthly advance budgeting for your business

    Proactive business planning and monitoring

    All of the above plus

      We Will

    • Performance and Management Packs, tracking your results against your goals, monitoring trends and identifying opportunities.
    • Preparation of annual budgets, cashflows and projections so you can plan with confidence and manage your cashflows without the stress.
    • Quarterly Management Accounts and Financial Planning Meeting.
    • Quarterly Business Meetings to help you continually identify what you need to do and how you can get it done based on your business strategy.
    • Annual Wealth Builder Review a personal review of you and your business looking at what you need to do now to build the wealth you want in the future.
    • Annual Tax Planning Review where we spend focussed time looking at your business to identify tax saving, tax efficiency and tax planning opportunities.
    • Annual Business Strategic Planning Process allowing you identify where you want to bring your business to and how you can get there.

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