Limited Company Audit

What we will do for you

Basic package – Compliance only services – audit

    We will

  • Service Level Guarantee in relation to all services provided
  • Preparation of information on a monthly basis for the purposes of preparing VAT returns.
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly (relevant) VAT returns
  • Preparation of annual return of trading details for VAT.
  • Preparation of trial balance and preparation of bank reconciliation, creditors control accounts, debtors control accounts, tax control accounts based on books and records provided by you.
  • Preparation of statutory financial statements based on the trial balance prepared.
  • Preparation of Corporation tax computation based on agreed financial statements.
  • Submission of Corporation Tax Return (Form CT1).
  • Preparation of Annual 46G Return.
  • Preparation of and submission directors annual Personal Income Tax Return (Form 11).
  • Annual accounts review meeting with Partner name or person name.
  • Preparation of Abridged (Abbreviated) Financial Statements
What we will do for you?
  • Preparation of Company Annual Return (Form B1).
  • The maintenance of the Company’s 7 Statutory Registers.
  • Preparation of the Annual AGM notifications and AGM Minute pack.
  • Preparation of Resolutions for the purposes of documenting AGM process when no AGM is physically held.
  • Issuing notices and drafting resolutions for the purposes of director’s meetings and decision making.
  • Maintaining minutes and records of directors’ meetings and decisions in a Company Minute Book.
  • Maintaining records of directors, secretary and auditor’s appointment as and when required in conjunction with filing appropriate documentation with the Companies Registration Office
  • Maintenance of the Company’s Register of Beneficial Ownership.
  • Submission and maintenance of the Company’s Register of Beneficial Ownership on
  • Preparation of Annual Tax Saving Opportunity Report identifying possible tax saving initiatives for you in your business.

    Getting your accounts into the 21st Century

    All of the above plus
  • Establishment of an integrated online accounting service that provides you with real time accounts and with reports and information available on your desktop or on your phone.
  • Preparation of Annual Business Opportunity Report identifying possible opportunities for you to improve your business and improve your profitability.
  • Real time monthly bank reconciliations preparations/reviews.
  • Monthly advance budgeting for your business

Proactive business planning and monitoring

All of the above plus

    We Will

  • Performance and Management Packs, tracking your results against your goals, monitoring trends and identifying opportunities.
  • Preparation of annual budgets, cashflows and projections so you can plan with confidence and manage your cashflows without the stress.
  • Quarterly Management Accounts and Financial Planning Meeting.
  • Quarterly Business Meetings to help you continually identify what you need to do and how you can get it done based on your business strategy.
  • Annual Wealth Builder Review a personal review of you and your business looking at what you need to do now to build the wealth you want in the future.
  • Annual Tax Planning Review where we spend focussed time looking at your business to identify tax saving, tax efficiency and tax planning opportunities.
  • Annual Business Strategic Planning Process allowing you identify where you want to bring your business to and how you can get there.
What we will do for you?

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