Picture of a group on a mountain showing compassionate leadership

Why compassionate leadership boosts morale and build trust in a team

Compassionate leadership combines management skills with empathy. Compassionate leaders are supportive, encouraging and are committed to improving the happiness of their team. All of this results in a more effective and engaged team. In today’s hybrid working environment, where some people are physically present and others are working remotely, compassionate leadership has arguably never been […]

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Cash showing stagflation

Stagflation and what it could mean for your business

Stagflation is a combination of stagnant output and rapidly rising prices. Stagflation has been in the press a lot lately as financial analysts fear the toxic cocktail of rising prices and slow economic growth. Post-pandemic supply chain bottlenecks, combined with rising energy prices and the economic effects of the war in Ukraine are seen as […]

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Spotify on a television showing a purposeful brand

The importance of building a purposeful brand

Brand purpose is the reason for the brand to exist beyond making money. A truly purposeful brand will derive its purpose from the product or the service itself. Spotify is a good example. Their mission is to “unlock the potential of human creativity – by giving millions of creative artists the opportunity to live off […]

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taxation of cryptocurrency transactions

What you need to know about taxation of cryptocurrency transactions

Revenue has recently issued a guidance document on the taxation of cryptocurrency transactions. It points out that while cryptocurrencies are referred to as a currency by many, they are best referred to as assets. Therefore, the guidance uses the term “crypto-asset”, which includes cryptocurrencies, crypto-assets, virtual currencies, digital money or any variations of these terms. […]

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A person on a laptop with coffee showing career mobility

What is career mobility and why is it important?

Career mobility is a key priority for millennial and generation Z employees Career mobility (or job mobility) is the process of an employee moving in their career. It can refer to upward or downward movement, as well as movement across to another role within the same business but in a different capacity. In the past, […]

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