UK Owned Irish Companies post BREXIT

We have seen an increase in UK companies looking to continue direst access to the EEA post Brexit.  Most commonly a new Irish company is incorporated.  Equally there are large numbers of UK companies who have long established subsidiaries in Ireland.  This can be an ideal solution to maintain operations and trade within the EU […]

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The Off-Grid Day

Blocking out a whole day once a month can work wonders for your productivity. Time management courses, books and best practice all suggest carving out some time each day to focus on being productive and working towards your goals and personal business objectives. However this often conflicts with the emails, notifications, calls and reminders that […]

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Managing a Hybrid Team

As businesses manage the gradual return to the office, some of your team will be able to come back while others may need to continue working remotely. As firms begin to navigate the complexities of returning to the office, some employees will have to contend with challenges around childcare, health issues that prevent them from […]

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Diversity in Leadership

The business case for diversity is clear – diverse teams produce better solutions to complex problems. Diversity can boost innovation and employee engagement. Businesses with greater gender and racial diversity tend to be more successful and perform very well financially. However, progress within the business community has been slow and there is still a lack […]

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Customer Onboarding

If your customers have a positive experience from the very beginning, they are going to stick with your product or service and continue to do business with you. Customer onboarding is the nurturing process that gets new users and customers acquainted and comfortable with your product or service. A positive onboarding experience confirms to your […]

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