Going Digital

The “new normal” for all businesses is to be able to work remotely and use the Cloud to keep the finger on the pulse.  Traditional books and records are pretty much the same as they have been for hundreds of years.  IT has speeded processing up but the records are still tied up with a physical office.  This has been the case since double entry book keeping was developed in the Sixteenth Century.

Accounting in the Twenty First Century is digital enabling remote working and available on all devices you use be it phone, laptop or desktop.



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We work with all Cloud based accounting packages but recommend SURF accounts to our clients as Certified Partners.  SURF Accounts provides integration with your bank so that transactions are imported directly – no more manual entry from statements.  In addition, it works seamlessly with Receipt Bank:





No more looking for invoices and receipts.  If you can use a camera phone you can use Receipt Bank to take a picture and that is all that is needed to record the transaction.  Receipt Bank keeps a digital copy of the document and removes the need for keeping paper files.


At HJK we are committed to moving into the Cloud and will help you use Receipt Bank with SURF Accounts to bring you up to date so you have:

  • Real time information
  • Up to date accounting software and records that are fully backed up and secure
  • Reduced or eliminated paper records
  • Access to your accounts 24/7
  • More time to devote to running your business
  • Peace of mind

Talk to us about getting rid of the misery of:

  • Manual records
  • Spreadsheets
  • Out of date desktop software and support plans
  • Carrier bags of documents
  • Searching for missing invoices and bank statements
  • Not knowing the up to date state of your business
  • Putting off doing you accounts work because you are too tired, too busy or there is something else to do

As one of our clients says:

“Moving from a well-known desktop package to SURF Accounts and Receipt Bank has improved my life.  I can discuss my accounts with the team at HJK and they can look at the same thing I am looking at simultaneously.  It is such a relief not sending in the laptop or back ups because we are all working from the same records”

Director – leading firm of Cork Architects

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