sales strategy

Here is how to re-energise your sales strategy

In a tough market, it takes an innovative sales strategy to succeed. In today’s challenging economic environment with its shifting consumer preferences, intense competition and high costs of doing business, your firm will need an innovative and effective sales strategy in order to succeed. Start by doing some research in order to gain insights into […]

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confirmation bias

How confirmation bias can affect decision-making and problem-solving

Confirmation bias is a cognitive bias where individuals tend to search for, interpret, favour, and recall information that confirms their existing beliefs or hypotheses. Essentially, it’s the tendency to selectively perceive information in a way that reinforces one’s preconceptions or hypotheses, while disregarding or downplaying contradictory evidence. This bias can influence various aspects of decision-making, […]

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data economy

Data Economy: The utilisation of data for commercial or societal purposes

Data is a valuable business asset. The data economy represents a fundamental shift in how businesses and societies operate, with data emerging as a critical asset driving economic growth, innovation, and transformation across various sectors and industries. As ever-larger volumes of data are created, businesses can develop new insights into consumer behaviour and emerging market […]

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9-box grid

The 9-box grid: A perfect tool for talent management and succession planning

The 9-box grid segments employees into 9 groups based on two dimensions – performance and potential. The purpose of the matrix is to align talent management and development initiatives to where they add the most value. When making talent management decisions, it is important to consider how well particular employees perform today and how well […]

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empathetic listener

As a manager, how can you become a more empathetic listener?

Being an empathetic listener is an important aspect of being a manager – here is why. Effective leadership in business requires more than just giving orders or making decisions. It involves understanding and connecting with employees on a deeper level, which is where empathetic listening comes into play. As a manager, developing empathetic listening skills […]

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How to best navigate GDPR in your company

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) impacts businesses worldwide. GDPR mandates stringent requirements governing the processing of personal data, emphasising transparency, accountability, and individual’ rights. Businesses must grasp the fundamental principles and obligations outlined by GDPR to align their practices accordingly. Conducting a Data Audit A critical first step for businesses is conducting a comprehensive […]

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POS Systems: What is square payment processing?

Square Point of Sale (POS) systems have become incredibly popular since they launched in 2017. The ubiquitous little square card reader now appears everywhere from busy restaurants to coffee carts outside train stations and even in taxis. Square’s card reader is a little square gadget that connects wirelessly to your mobile phone or tablet. When […]

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cyber attack

Here is how to deal with a cyber-attack if it hits your business

Most businesses have exposure to cyber risk – here’s how to deal with a cyber-attack. Almost every modern business relies on computer networks for day-to-day operations, and this means that most firms are exposed to cyber risk. A cyber-attack is any attempt to steal data, damage or disrupt a computer system. In the event of […]

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Fulfilling customer demand and why it’s time to go beyond it

If the pie’s not big enough, make a bigger pie. Fulfilling customer demand is the primary objective for any business. It involves accurately anticipating customer needs, ensuring product availability, and delivering goods or services in a timely manner. Meeting demand not only enhances customer satisfaction but also contributes to brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth – […]

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contextual pricing

Contextual Pricing: How a variable pricing model can help customer relationships

Contextual pricing involves adjusting the prices of your products or services depending on specific variables which are often external to the business. These external variables could include customer demographics, purchasing behaviour, economic conditions or competitive landscapes. Unlike static pricing models, which set fixed prices over an extended period, contextual pricing is responsive and adaptive, allowing […]

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