key person risk

Managing key person risk and how it creates a good business strategy

Managing key person risk should be an integral part of any well-rounded business strategy. Key person risk entails the potential disruption and uncertainty that can arise when an essential team member, often possessing distinctive skills, knowledge, or influence, is suddenly incapacitated and unable to contribute to the functioning of the business. Effectively managing key person […]

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employee financial wellbeing

Employee financial wellbeing and its importance in the workplace

Employee financial wellbeing – here is why businesses are starting to realise the importance of helping employees feel secure about money. In the current economic environment, many businesses are acknowledging the profound impact of employee financial wellbeing on overall productivity and job satisfaction. A cornerstone of this effort lies in the provision of financial literacy […]

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exit interviews

How exit interviews are a learning opportunity for businesses

Exit interviews can help businesses to gain insights – here is how.  Exit interviews can provide a platform for departing employees to openly share feedback about their experiences within the company. This information can highlight areas of concern, such as management issues, workload challenges, or a lack of growth opportunities. By actively listening to this […]

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2024 Budget

2024 Budget: Here are four predictions of what to expect

The 2024 Budget is set to take place on 10 October 2023 – here are some predictions Paschal Donahoe, Minister for Public Expenditure, has said that the 2024 Budget is going to be ‘big’. The reason for this is likely due to the corporation tax windfall: corporation tax revenues are so high, the government is […]

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Experiential marketing

Experiential Marketing: Why customers want to buy experiences

Customers are constantly being bombarded with marketing campaigns from different companies. As such, captivating the attention and securing the loyalty of consumers has become a real challenge. Experiential marketing can help you to cut through the noise and reach your target market. Experiential marketing transcends conventional advertising by crafting memorable and immersive brand experiences. Experiential […]

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marathon mindset

Marathon Mindset: How it can help your business

Tackling your role in business with a marathon mindset can help you to focus on the big picture. Effective leadership requires more than just short-term thinking and quick fixes. Similar to running a marathon, successful managers need to cultivate a marathon mindset—an approach that emphasizes endurance, perseverance, and long-term goals. Goal Orientation Managers with a […]

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IQ versus EQ

Successful Managers: IQ versus EQ

The most effective managers make good use of their IQ (intelligence quotient) and EQ (emotional quotient). IQ is a measure of a person’s ability to solve problems, use logic, strategise, and understand complex ideas. EQ (also known as emotional intelligence) is the ability to relate to others, identify, assess, and regulate emotions in order to […]

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Threads: How could the latest social media platform work for businesses?

Threads is a new social media channel created by Meta Platforms (formerly known as Facebook) which was launched in July this year. Threads went live on both the Apple and Android app stores in 100 countries and signed up more than 100 million users in its first week. Threads is linked with Instagram (which is […]

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The art of persuasion in business

Building a successful business means persuading people to exhibit the right behaviours. The ability to sway opinions, convince stakeholders, and drive desired outcomes is a skill that sets exceptional business leaders apart from the rest. A cornerstone of effective persuasion lies in understanding the target audience. Do your research and try to empathise with the […]

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How to manage the challenges of the current inflationary business environment

Inflation has resulted in businesses grappling with escalating production costs, dwindling purchasing power, and the urgent need for pricing strategy recalibration. Here are some strategies to help firms deal with inflation. Monitoring and projections Businesses should closely track key economic indicators and the effect of inflation on their respective sectors of the market. By keeping […]

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