inclusive manager

How to be a more inclusive manager

Want to be a more inclusive manager in the workplace? Here is how Practical steps that managers can take to be more inclusive  Inclusion doesn’t just happen. In order to be more inclusive, managers need to start with intention and regular practice. People are naturally inclined to be drawn to people that are like themselves. […]

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to do list

How to give yourself a head start every single day in business

Starting each day the right way sets you up for success in business  We all want to perform at peak level, every day, but in order to do so, you need to start your day the right way. Successful business leaders simplify, focus on what’s meaningful and work with intention. To enable them to succeed, […]

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New Benefit in Kind (BIK) rules

Company Vehicles: New Benefit in Kind (BIK) rules from 1 January 2023

Background: Employer-Provided Vehicles An employer provided vehicle encompasses all cars or vans made available to an employee. An employee may be chargeable to tax on the benefit in kind (BIK) arising where, by reason of his or her employment, a vehicle is made available (without a transfer of ownership) to him or her and the […]

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Picture of the office

The office is evolving and will never be the same again

The requirement to work from home was lifted in January but the office is still less than full. Across the UK, the shift to agile or hybrid working has reduced the office space requirements of many companies. Businesses are rethinking the office and repositioning it as a place to connect with colleagues, encourage face to […]

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Customer engagement as man pays for item on laptop

How to develop your customer engagement strategy

Looking to develop a successful customer engagement strategy? Here is everything you need to know. Customer engagement is earned through trust and over time. Customer engagement is all about attracting and influencing customers in order to capture and retain their attention. Good communication is the foundation of any customer engagement strategy. As more and more […]

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Taxation of couriers

Taxation of couriers – here is all your need to know

Unsure of the details involved in the taxation of couriers? Here is all you need to know. Are couriers employed or self-employed? In order to determine the employment status of a courier (whether he or she is employed or self-employed) it is necessary to examine each case by reference to case law and the Code of […]

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Picture of a mic and a computer

Turn the mic on: Why podcasts are a growing marketing tool

Podcasts have grown in popularity and businesses can capitalise on this – here is how they can be used as a marketing tool  Podcasts are audio series’ that are available online. The concept is similar to a radio show. Listeners can subscribe to specific podcasts, download episodes as they become available and listen to them […]

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Man in suit holding his hand out

How to build a better sales culture in your firm

Looking to create a better sales culture in your business? Here is how to do just that. Sales are the lifeblood of any business. In the current, ultra-competitive business environment, building your sales capability has never been more important. Creating an effective sales culture involves a lot more than giving people aggressive sales targets and […]

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Woman with head in hands looking like she is experiencing stress at work

How to successfully manage stress at work

Feeling under pressure? Here is how to manage stress at work Work-related strain is an increasing area of concern, which is why managers and employees should learn how to manage stress at work more effectively. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated work-related stress as many of us have had to suddenly shift to new ways of […]

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3 workers sitting at a desk with sheets on top

Follow the Leader: 5 of the best management tips for 2022

Great managers build great businesses – here are some top management tips to help you become a better boss in 2022. A goal without a plan is just a wish Good managers create a business plan every year and communicate that plan with their team. It’s important to keep your team informed of project goals, […]

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