Stress at work

10 quick fixes to help you perform under pressure in work

Many of us have to deal with pressure and your business is no exception! As stress is often inevitable, these quick fixes will help you and your team perform under pressure and thrive. 1. Get rid of your bad clients and customers that take too much resource and not enough reward (in the widest sense of […]

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off-grid day

An off-grid day may just be the key to your success – here’s why

Ever heard of an off-grid day? Blocking out a whole day once a month can work wonders for your productivity. Time management courses, books and best practice all suggest carving out some time each day to focus on being productive and working towards your goals and personal business objectives. However this often conflicts with the […]

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Will Covid-19 Accelerate Remote Working Practices?

The coronavirus lockdown has forced businesses to adopt remote working across the board. Will employees want to continue working from home post covid-19? In the past 10 years or so, the number of people working remotely has increased significantly. Major contributors to this shift include technology related advancements, cultural changes to work-life integration and family […]

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Managing Your Wellbeing

How to manage your personal wellbeing during the Coronavirus lockdown.   Stay connected Having a sense of connection with family and friends is important for our mental health. Ensure you schedule calls or video chats with your family and friends during lockdown. In addition, there are many online book clubs, virtual coffee groups and online […]

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New Client Portal

New Client Portal   We at Hyland Johnson Keane have taken the decision to adopt an online client portal. This is an online document sharing platform that will increase the security of your documents.   Unfortunately we live in an age in which there are a few people who make it their business to intercept […]

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