grow your business after lockdown

How to successfully grow your business after lockdown

Now is the time to think about how you are going to grow your business after the lockdown. Set out your goals The current disruption being experienced by businesses across the world is a huge challenge. However it may also be an opportunity for your firm. Start by thinking about your current market position, relative […]

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wellbeing during lockdown

Four ways to manage your personal wellbeing during lockdown

Stay connected Having a sense of connection with family and friends is important for our mental health. Ensure you schedule calls or video chats with your family and friends during lockdown. In addition, there are many online book clubs, virtual coffee groups and online workout challenge groups that you can join in order to avoid […]

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Microsoft teams

How to successfully use Microsoft Teams in business

Most businesses use Microsoft Office. Microsoft Teams has been designed to work well within that ecosystem. Microsoft Teams is user-friendly and helps to drive collaboration across different offices or between remote workers. The chat-based functionality helps teams of people to work together, share ideas and ask questions without clogging up their email inbox. The system […]

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New Client Portal

New Client Portal   We at Hyland Johnson Keane have taken the decision to adopt an online client portal. This is an online document sharing platform that will increase the security of your documents.   Unfortunately we live in an age in which there are a few people who make it their business to intercept […]

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