Covid-19: Where do we stand?

The scale of the pandemic was unexpected and the last two months have been difficult for many and tragic for some.

The situation we face is one we cannot change. We must accept that, and it is the same for everyone – we know because our business depends on you.

What you can do is stay healthy and ensure your loved ones are too, after all if a business closes and you are healthy you can start again. The reverse is not true.

Some businesses are closed and will remain so until the lockdown ends. Others have re-purposed or pivoted into new areas and some have undergone rapid technological changes to move their businesses forward.

We have made it our duty to provide information and guidance on Government supports such as Business loans, VAT deferral, Business rates relief, the Furlough and self-employed schemes and we will continue to do so until you can emerge from the Pandemic and get back to some kind of normal.

Now is the time to start thinking about the future and what our businesses will look like after lockdown ends. We should be thinking about our strategy and planning:

  • Working safely
  • Using technology for back office functions
  • Marketing our services or products in new ways
  • Examining new markets
  • Getting new skills
  • And thinking differently.

Talk to us about helping you with your planning. We are working with clients work on accepting the past ways have gone and that there are new ways of doing things.

Above all stay strong! Remember your health and welfare is more important than anything else just now. We will help you every step of the way. Together we will get through this. 

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