Finance Bill 2021

The most important highlights from the Finance Bill 2021

The main highlights to note from the Finance Bill 2021 Digital Gaming Tax Credit Announced initially as part of the Governments Budget speech last year, more details on the specifics of a new Digital Gaming tax credit were released as part of Budget 2022. The aim of the tax credit is to improve employment growth […]

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successful leadership

The key to successful leadership is delegation and communication

The success of a team relies on its leader being able to effectively delegate and give clear direction. Successful leadership lends itself to those who have mastered the art of direction. Their communication skills tend to be top notch and they are effective delegators. In today’s world of remote work, increasing reliance on technology and […]

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Key filing dates

Key tax filing dates for June 2021

Here is a list of key tax filing dates for June 2021. If you have any questions about the below, please do now hesitate to contact us here at Hyland Johnson Keane by emailing or calling (021) 480 6316. Key Filing Dates – June 2021 TAX HEAD RETURN PERIOD PAYMENT & FILING DATE Dividend Withholding […]

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business strategy

Has your business been struggling? It may be time to pivot your strategy

If your enterprise goes through a tough period, it may be time to pivot your business strategy. You see, necessity is the mother of all invention. Many firms have had to pivot their business strategy due to the current market conditions. In order to pivot your strategy, you will need to start by doing your […]

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Form P11D

Form P11D: Everything you need to know as an employer

The Form P11D is a form that Revenue may issue to an employer requiring them to provide particulars of benefits received by all employees in receipt of emoluments (inclusive of benefits) of €1,905 or greater in a year of assessment. Where a Form P11D is issued by Revenue to an employer, the employer has until […]

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