Full details of the July stimulus package

The main features were announced last week and now more details of the July Stimulus Package and being released.  There are some very useful and valuable supports for businesses and we’ve set out below the main points and links to Government websites: Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) The following are the main points to note […]

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Onboard new employees

How to onboard new employees remotely during lockdown

Onboarding new team members can be difficult and time-consuming at the best of times. Now businesses are learning how to onboard new employees remotely during lockdown. The key to successfully integrating new team members who are working remotely is to offer a structured onboarding process. They may feel strange joining a company while working from […]

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Here is how to protect your business against fraud in these uncertain times

In these uncertain times, businesses are combatting an increased amount of fraud. Throughout recent months, there have been widespread reports of an uptick in fraudulent websites, charity scams and fake emails purporting to be from banks, etc. This increase in fraudulent activity is being driven by opportunists who are attempting to take advantage of the […]

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Helping your employees feel safe as they go back to the workplace

As we emerge from lockdown and return to the workplace, managers will need to ensure that employees feel safe. Over the coming weeks and months, many businesses will return to some form of normal operations. This means that staff will begin to return to offices, factories and other places of work. Managers will need to […]

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Improve your Wi-Fi

Improve your Wi-Fi when working from home in one cheap and easy step

The TP-Link RE 220 is a cheap and easy way to improve your Wi-Fi when working from home.  Working from home during the lockdown has meant that many of us have discovered parts of our homes where the Wi-Fi signal is weak or even blocked completely by walls, furniture, etc. If your home office is […]

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