This is how to use Reddit as a tool to build an online network

What is Reddit and how can you use it? Reddit has been in the news a lot recently, due to the Gamestop share price boom that was largely driven by an investment forum on the site. So what exactly is Reddit? Reddit is a hugely popular online forum. It allows users to create their own […]

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Feed forward instead of giving feedback

Managers should feed forward rather than give feedback

People can respond negatively to constructive feedback – so feed forward instead. When we provide feedback to an employee, we share information in terms of how they are currently performing. When negative feedback is given, the individual can respond defensively. Even constructive feedback can be taken the wrong way. The idea of feed forward is […]

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Podcasts are one of the most effective digital marketing tools

Businesses can use podcasts as an effective digital marketing tool. Podcasts are recordings of an audio discussion on a specific topic or theme such as business, travel or current affairs. They tend to consist of a series of episodes that listeners can download and listen to via a smartphone or computer. Podcasts are effective marketing […]

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Business strategy

How to build your 2021 business strategy in the face of uncertainty

We live in uncertain times and planning for the future is challenging. Rather than paying attention to what you can’t do, focus on what you can do. For example, when restaurants couldn’t serve customers indoors, they transitioned to delivery, take-away and outdoor dining. Regardless of the type of business that you manage, this is the […]

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Business development

Four ways to reinvigorate your business development efforts

Top tips for driving your Business Development (BD) efforts this year. BD is often misunderstood. Some might say that it’s all about relationships, another will say it’s all about sales and others will talk about marketing. They are all right, in a way. BD is the creation of long-term value for a firm, through effective […]

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