General help for businesses in Ireland during lockdown

The Government has introduced a number of measures to assist businesses reduce their operational costs. Waiving of commercial rates Rates due to local authorities from the most immediately impacted businesses – primarily in the retail, hospitality, leisure and childcare sectors, are waived (previously deferred) for a 3 month period beginning on 27 March for businesses that […]

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Improve VAT cash flow

Covid-19 measures to help businesses improve VAT cash flow

In light of the Government’s recent financial measures implemented for businesses, we have summarised below some practical steps businesses may take to improve VAT cash flow. Deferral of VAT liability and acceleration of VAT refunds Revenue has indicated that interest will be suspended in relation to the late payment of the January February and March […]

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remote team

Four ways to help you lead a remote team during uncertain times

The uncertainty faced by businesses around the world will test even the greatest managers and leaders. Communicate and then communicate some more Uncertainty produces anxiety throughout your team, other employees, your firm’s customers, suppliers and investors. Silence is not an option as that is often interpreted as bad news. As such, it is essential to […]

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grow your business after lockdown

How to successfully grow your business after lockdown

Now is the time to think about how you are going to grow your business after the lockdown. Set out your goals The current disruption being experienced by businesses across the world is a huge challenge. However it may also be an opportunity for your firm. Start by thinking about your current market position, relative […]

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wellbeing during lockdown

Four ways to manage your personal wellbeing during lockdown

Stay connected Having a sense of connection with family and friends is important for our mental health. Ensure you schedule calls or video chats with your family and friends during lockdown. In addition, there are many online book clubs, virtual coffee groups and online workout challenge groups that you can join in order to avoid […]

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