Stress at work

10 quick fixes to help you perform under pressure in work

Many of us have to deal with pressure and your business is no exception!

As stress is often inevitable, these quick fixes will help you and your team perform under pressure and thrive.

1. Get rid of your bad clients and customers that take too much resource and not enough reward (in the widest sense of the word – not just money)

2. Put your team on “Do Not Disturb” mode for 1 hour twice a day – nobody, but nobody, gets interrupted!

3. Hire more team members (if possible). Consider hiring from the competition.

4. Outsource to Hyland Johnson Keane – increase your capacity potential without all the costs associated with “in house” team members (accounts, payroll, management accounts etc)

5. Put your prices UP. Where you have customers or clients unwilling to accept your increase in fees, suggest they may wish to find an alternative supplier.

6. Systemise EVERYTHING

7. Create Champions

8. STOP – when it’s all too much…..

    • Stop – have a drink, take a break, anything …
    • Take a breath – park it, sleep on it…
    • Observe – don’t confuse “impact” for “intent”
    • Proceed

9. Reduce your stress levels (reducing cortisol levels) by:

    • Training smart – intense 2 to 4 times per week
    • Go easy on the coffee
    • Laughing more
    • Taking Vitamin C
    • Sleeping more
    • Relaxing – exercise and hobbies
    • Standing Tall – Posture

10. Mindfulness to do list:

    • Stay connected with others
    • Talk with others about any worries
    • Look after your body
    • Stay on top of your feelings
    • Do not watch the news all the time
    • Carry on doing what you enjoy
    • Take time to relax
    • Daily routine
    • Sleep well
    • Keep your mind active

Article produced by 2020 Innovation and Hyland Johnson Keane.

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