business strategy

Why choosing what not to do is a good business strategy

The essence of a good business strategy is choosing what not to do and here’s why. Resource allocation is a fundamental consideration in any business strategy. Businesses operate within finite constraints, such as time, finances, or human resources. Choosing what not to do enables a more focused allocation of resources towards activities that align with […]

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The value of teamwork in business settings

None of us is as smart as all of us. Way back in the 1920s the Hawthorne Studies, conducted by Elton Mayo, highlighted the importance of groups in affecting the behaviour of individuals at work. Fast forward to today and workplace design has evolved from solo workspaces and closed offices to open layouts that encourage […]

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hybrid teams

How to effectively manage hybrid teams

As hybrid working has become more mainstream, managers have had to adapt to managing hybrid teams. The emergence of hybrid teams – a blend of remote and in-office workers – has ushered in a new era of workplace dynamics. The challenge lies in effectively managing these diverse teams, balancing flexibility with structure and fostering collaboration […]

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Sustainable growth

Creating sustainable growth is key to business success in 2024

We live in uncertain times, but it’s still possible to achieve sustainable growth in your business. Globally, 2024 could be a year that is full of economic uncertainty. It’s an election year in the UK and the USA. Interest rates remain high, and inflation is still high too. Creating sustainable growth in your business during […]

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trusted advisor

How to become a trusted advisor in your business

Becoming a trusted advisor to your clients involves building relationships and taking the time to understand their world. Becoming a trusted advisor instead of “just another supplier” takes time and necessitates providing value to your clients by focusing on helping them to solve problems. Becoming a trusted advisor involves building long term relationships which are […]

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