Tax heaven on a typ writer

Tax season is here and these are the key tax filing dates to remember this October

TAX HEAD RETURN PERIOD PAYMENT & FILING DATE Dividend Withholding Tax DWT September 2023 14th October 2023 Professional Services Withholding Tax (PSWT) F30 September 2023 14th October 2023 PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT Monthly Deductions September 2023 23rd October 2023 PAYE/PRSI/USC/LPT Quarterly deductions July – September 2023 23rd October 2023 Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) RCT Monthly Return September 2023 […]

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Foreign money

Proposals for the participation exemption for foreign dividends

Here is all you need to know about the proposals for the participation exemption for foreign dividends. A Roadmap to the Introduction of a Participation Exemption to Irish Corporation Tax has been published, setting out a timeline for the introduction of a participation exemption with respect to foreign dividends and foreign branch profits. A public […]

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key person risk

Managing key person risk and how it creates a good business strategy

Managing key person risk should be an integral part of any well-rounded business strategy. Key person risk entails the potential disruption and uncertainty that can arise when an essential team member, often possessing distinctive skills, knowledge, or influence, is suddenly incapacitated and unable to contribute to the functioning of the business. Effectively managing key person […]

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employee financial wellbeing

Employee financial wellbeing and its importance in the workplace

Employee financial wellbeing – here is why businesses are starting to realise the importance of helping employees feel secure about money. In the current economic environment, many businesses are acknowledging the profound impact of employee financial wellbeing on overall productivity and job satisfaction. A cornerstone of this effort lies in the provision of financial literacy […]

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exit interviews

How exit interviews are a learning opportunity for businesses

Exit interviews can help businesses to gain insights – here is how.  Exit interviews can provide a platform for departing employees to openly share feedback about their experiences within the company. This information can highlight areas of concern, such as management issues, workload challenges, or a lack of growth opportunities. By actively listening to this […]

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